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Conflicts with Trend Micro
and Iobit System Care
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Conflicts with Trend Micro and Iobit System Care
I found that there is some conflicts between Trend Micro and Iobit System Care.  Now being a licensed user of both products I did not wish to give up either one as they both work well in my opinion.

It seems that when Trend Micro wants to update the engine, you have to uninstall Iobit's System Care.  This is no small job!  Around 300 megs of files have to be deleted during the uninstall stage takes a good bit of  time.  On my laptop it is around 35 minutes!
This becomes aggravating after a while. You have to  stop all projects, save everything out, then uninstall Iobit System Care, reboot, install the update, then re-install Iobit. 

Come on guys, can't you folks at Trend Micro do a bit better? Really? 

The good points are it works just fine with Superantispyware and Emsisoft Emergency Kit as well as many other anti-spyware software programs. While Trend Micro seems to get rid of around 97% to 98% of these little pest, a lot of us like to use additional software to get the rest.

Also, there are other clean up utilities that work well with Trend Micro Antivirus, they are Wise Care 365, and Ccleaner.

It seems the antispyware built in Iobit System Care is what the antivirus program balks at.  Even when turned off, it still demand you uninstall.  I have not found any other antivirus that has done that to date.

If you own either one of these software packages, and you are thinking of buying the other.... be forewarned. These two programs do not play nice with each other.
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