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January 9th., 2017.  -  It is a sad day that Serif Sofware discontinues their line of software such as WebPlus X8, PagePlus, DrawPlus, and PhotoPlus.  All are now legacy software that will no longer have any support.

As a licensed user since the early days I have spent amost $2,000 with Serif Software in total. Now the question is... when will it quit working?  No one knows!  No one is saying! Will it work with the next version of Windows?  Who knows?  Millions and millions of licensed users, myself included are asking, "why did you abandon us?" When do I have to stop using it?

Anyone want to make a killing? 
Duplicate these program's abilities and make them work on Linux Mint or Ubuntu.  Sell them for $29.95 or $39.95 and I will buy them all!  So will the millions of abandond users.
I had planned on building the 1776 Blog entirely with WebPlus X8.  But, since I don't know the exparation date, so I am switching over to WYSIWYG Web Builder.  I even created a video to show you how to use Web Builder on YouTube.  I have also included, " Mobile Detection for WYSIWYG Web Builder."

One of my favorites was Serif PhotoPlus, a top of the line photo editor. If you click on the link I just provided you can see the detailed image croping tool.  This is no ordinary croping tool. I purchased Photoshop Elements and it does not even compare.  So why, after calling me up long distance from England, sell me version 9 of the software, then next month they drop the product like a hot potato!  We may never know the answer to that question.

Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer
These two packages will become Serif Software's new Flaship software packages.  They are powerful.  At the time of this writing they were advertising the packages for $49 each.  Not bad.  But still, most of us are still miffed about being dropped without warning. So, when will they drop Affinity?  I am sure not for many years... but who knows. 

Already many companies are going to the cloud.  But if you have a poor Internet connection, you are out of luck.  Even worse if you have Satellite Internet or Cell Phone Internet.  But for now, they are subscription free. 

WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla Content Editor
All very good online editors... but they lack what a real website building pro wants in an web editor.  That is one reason I choose WYSIWYG Web Builder to design these blogs.

Regardless of which you choose, we as a web design community have lost a powerful web design tool.  In addition the world has lost a truly powerful photo editor, drawing design tool, and desktop publisher as well forever.

Serif Software Discontinues Software Line

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